Fashion is one of the things that allows you to instantly recognize a cultural group, and there are few places where it is more apparent than in an urban setting. streetwear is a general term for any kind of fashion developed in an urban setting, instead of in some fashion design room. There are many kinds of streetwear, including retro, punk, and hip-hop, and that’s only counting a few styles. Looking abroad you can find clothes inspired by anime, video games, music, and the urban setting it’s self. The key to developing a good look in an urban setting is observing the people around you, and then taking a look and customizing it for yourself. Urban wear is typically put together from a wide variety of sources, but since it has caught on in the last decade, you can find stores that serve as urban outfitters, and really give you a wide range of stuff to pick from in one place. That said, if you are looking for a cool look without spending a load of cash, mixing and matching is still your best bet. Traditional urban streetwear evolved from the Inner city in large cities like New York. Common aspects of traditional streetwear include sneakers, baggy jeans, and darker colors. This is a great look if you live in an East Coast city and want to blend in to an inner city crowd, however the idea of streetwear has evolved out into a lot of different places and ideas, and the label can be applied to a wide variety of fashions. Hip hop fashion, as developed in the 80s, is one type of urban clothing, often times confused with traditional streetwear, however urban outfitters often sell this kind of clothing, such is and example of the kind of overarching idea of streetwear, which not longer applies to the sneakers and jeans style of inner city New York. Urban clothing has built up within American cities as well as abroad. In places like Japan, there is a whole different kind of streetwear. Anime costumes and video game clothing are common in Tokyo, and much of Japan’s youth is infatuated with this sort of fashion. Places like London, England have also developed and unique style, with brighter colors and stark contrasts. So makes sure you know just what you are referring to when you talk about streetwear, as some may assume you are talking about the traditional idea. Urban wear has been influenced strongly by the attitude and art found in the cities that it has developed in. In places like New York and Detroit, you will find Urban wear that draws heavily from graffiti art as a source of inspiration. On the west coast, hip hop can be cited as a major influence of fashion, and as stated earlier, Japan has games and anime to thank for much of it’s urban fashion. streetwear is a broad ideal, and a worldwide trend.